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Liquidity Management Simplified

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Release Trapped Cash

Large organisations with multiple businesses across the globe often struggle with inefficient cash management due to lack of visibility into the organisation’s cash reserves. Finvisage resolves this problem by aggregating data from multiple sources and geographies into a single data lake enabling you to gain visibility on your cash flows and release cash reserves with automation and better supplier negotiations wherever applicable.

Cash Entrapment

Improved Visibility & Productivity

Finvisage’s common treasury solutions holds a single pool of cash reserves so you have greater visibility and control on your cash flows. Predictable and reliable cash flow reports allows efficient allocation of resources and potentially help you release 50-80% cash reserves

Better Manage FX Risk

Open doors for better FX liquidity management with greater visibility and control gained by  Finvisage. Manage financial risk from FX exposures from identification,structure derivative hedges, booking hedges, manage cash flows, settlements and all related reporting at hedge and portfolio level. Use the powerful scenario tools to plan for future risks and market movements

Integrated Reporting and Risk Management

Finvisage aggregates all data sources in to a single data lake and ingests them in to a data model from where key reports can be generated on the fly. For corporations preparing for a major financial event, this can exponentially empower your finance teams through improved and automated reporting attuned to primary decision metrics of your organization. Position your company in strong light in front of investors, auditors and any due diligence with Finvisage’s consulting + technology offering .  

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Finvisage Cash tools have enabled us to run numerous scenarios at the click of a button, which has saved lots of time and spreadsheet effort as per our previous methods

Graham HitchinAssistant Treasury Manager, Wejo Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of efficiency can I expect if I use Finvisage Liability Management module?

At Finvisage, we have been able to help our clients strengthen the core business operations, provide transparency and increase the businesses agility and adaptability in the fast changing environment that has resulted in releasing trapped cash, better manage FX risk and enhanced returns.