Liquidity Management

As a treasurer for your corporation, managing liquidity forecasts and planning for short falls is a key responsibility. Finvisage simplifies the life of treasury and finance professionals who need to aggregate transactions and forecasts from various internal systems, spreadsheets and business entities to create consolidated financial positions projecting future closing balances. You want to record and manage liabilities across a wide range of corporate and market structures. Run market and business scenarios to better plan your risks.

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Our Proposition

Liquidity management solution is a great fit if you are looking for

Mid size corporation with invoice and forecast cash flow across several business entities and systems.

Corporate group spread across geographies, currencies and entities with need for group level, entity level, business level and region level views.

Non banking financial institution looking to manage liabilities, asset liability management, regulatory and operational reporting.

You have a need to integrate several sources across ERP, accounting software, loan management systems and liabilities.

Integrate transaction and forecast data from several sources ERP, transactional systems, loan management systems.

Set up cash flow views with line items customised to internal corporate needs.

Set up business and group or entity level views.

View actual and forecasted cash flows by desired tenor daily, weekly, monthly or other desired tenor buckets.

Manage multiple currency transactions, conversions and view cash flows in single reporting currency.

Run a set of scenarios to model impact of market and business situations.

Liquidity Management

Liability Management

Generate/record principal repayment schedules and interest payment schedules; schedules may be system-generated, ad hoc, equated or uploaded as received from lenders.

Record fixed as well as floating rate borrowings; reset date schedules can be created, and interest payments recalculated automatically based on updated benchmarks.

Apply multiple interest slabs across tenors within the same facility

Upload and store counterparty and facility documentation

Adjust due dates and interest computation for holiday calendars and moratoriums

Record prepayments and restructured payment schedules

Standard reports available include Borrowings blotter, Interest Accrual etc.; customised reports can be created based on pre-agreed formats.

BenPos management: upload BenPos statements received from RTAs and capture details of instrument holders.

Covenant tracking: create unlimited covenant templates and apply at general, counterparty or borrowing.

Automate the preparation of ALM-related regulatory reports

Borrowings data and flows from Finvisage

Upload of Asset data from your various Loan / Asset Management Systems

Upload of other financial information from your general ledger

Manual input of other ad hoc or management-directed adjustments

ALM and regulatory reporting for NBFCs

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