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Reimagine Derivative Sales at Your Bank.

Reduce dependency on traders and empower Sales to react faster to client needs and close more deals. Allow Sales to take a proactive and consultative approach to selling derivatives, and enable adoption of new derivative pay-offs and regulatory changes (e.g. IBOR related) at a much faster pace.

Ratio of Sales vs Traders i n Indian Banks
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What We Offer

2X Improvement in Business Intensity for Corporate Treasury Sales

The Derivative Pricer tool for FX & IR Sales enables the sales teams to know the the costs involved of mitigating risks and thereby empower them to close deals faster without depending on the traders for information. The Sales team can be empowered to be a strategic growth partner to the organisation with better color on client requirements.

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Finvisage offers a comprehensive derivative offering for Banks to help them

  • Understand risks and hedging requirements
  • Know the costs of mitigating risk
  • Facilitate negotiating and executing hedges
  • Manage the trade portfolio lifecycle
  • Audit and reporting

Cloud Based Derivative Pricer Key Features

Expedite sales process and response to clients with an on the go extensive, pricing engine covering FX and Interest rates attuned to internal bid-ask margins and linked to latest market data

Built in pricing library for forwards, options, option strategies & exotics and covers FX, commodity & interest rate asset classes. All models are calibrated with market data and verified against other pricing tools to give you the most accurate tool to independently price derivatives for structuring and planning exercises and leverage information to gain favourable positions in negotiations.

Structure hedges and setup hedging strategy based on your client’s needs with extensive derivatives coverage across Vanilla, European options & Exotics and extensive asset coverage including Forex, Commodities & Currencies

Key Benefits

Faster adoption of new derivative payoffs and IBOR-related regulatory changes

IBOR transition is made easy with our cloud based IBOR-ready product that can be plugged into your existing systems and can easily adopt to any regulatory changes on-the-go, making it easy to upgrade without being burdened.

Gain Greater Intelligence on Client Needs & Drive Business Growth

The Derivative Pricer provides greater freedom to the Sales team to take a consultative approach with their clients. Understand your client’s existing requirements, compare with past negotiations and provide the best option to your client for faster deal closures. 

Mobile, Secure & Cost Efficient

Our Derivative Pricer is a cloud based tool designed for modern sales teams. It is intuitive, secure, easy to implement and works on portable devices. Backed by a team of experienced traders, Derivative Pricer is cost-efficient and can be deployed immediately. 

We found The team at Finvisage very proactive and knowledgeable. They are undoubtedly experts in risk technology. They were able to understand our requirements and make necessary enhancements to the Derivative Pricer to fit the way Axis approaches derivatives pricing and selling. The interface is very intuitive, easy to navigate and lowers the time to adoption. I’m very appreciative of the level of service and support the Finvisage team provided us to ensure a smooth launch and adoption of the product within our organisation.

Head of StructuringAxis Bank
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Frequently Asked Questions

What all Derivatives are covered?

We consolidate FX rates, exposures and hedges from multiple sources into one consumable dashboard so you have clarity on your costs, counterparty margins and potential profitability. We also help you maintain a full audit history of your portfolio for referencing at any time so you can take a well-informed decision. In our experience most organisations can gain or save more than 50 bps per transaction with our FRM solution.

Is it accurate? Is there a third party validation?

We help you record and monitor all exposures across multiple projects like software agreements or singular contracts like raw material purchase etc. A consolidated dashboard gives you clear visibility of your organisation’s portfolios and actions based on your board policies. This allows you to manage your risks and ensure that any over hedges are well-managed and there’s no risk left unhedged.

What about market data?

We monitor Mark to market data across portfolios. The system automatically calculates mark-to-market valuations for better hedging decisions so you don’t have to. As a treasurer you can also run scenarios and sensitivity analyses on portfolios and save reports to present to the CFO.

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