Finvisage - the secure cloud based solution allows organisations to easily scale the application across units and geographies.
Manage your risks, constantly monitor exposures and set up hedge plans as per board policies.
Stay atop cash flows across regions & entities, plan scenarios and contingencies.
Structure and price trades with accurate derivative pricing engine benchmarked to market data.

Financial Risk Management

Manage exposures and hedges in one system

Manage exposures accurately

Create and manage exposures
Customizable across manufacturing, projects, construction, service firms
Multi entity support

Build hedge plans

Book trades, link to underlying, monitoring
Extensive support across hedge products

Set up static data for convenient data entry

Manage Entities, Counterparties, Calendars

Risk Analytics

Reporting covering strategic & operational questions

Finvisage enables strategic inputs focused on during annual hedge planning & performance
Strategic Planning
  • Hedging plan for next 1 Year
  • Performance of previous year plan
  • Performance of unhedged portfolio
  • What limits need to be set?
  • Was portfolio hedged at opportune times?
  • Was the ratio of hedged to total correctly set?
Supporting inputs - Finvisage
  • Monthly hedge ratios by asset type for last Fin. Year
  • Actual forward points achieved vs. specific execution strategy
  • Historical annualized volatility

Derivative Pricing

Industry leading pricing engine covering all derivatives

Extensive coverage of pricing across derivatives

Forwards - Vanilla, Option dated, Swaps
Options - European Options, Seagulls, Collars, Strip, TRF

Daily capture of MTM for all outstanding trades

Market data engine to provide benchmarked forward and option curves

Support for linkage to subscription data engines such as Bloomberg, Reuters

Cash Forecasting & Budgeting

Manage and consolidate forecasts across regions and entities

Simplified entry of cash forecast

Simplified entry of forecasted transactions
Set up and manage recurring cash flows
Categorise cash flows, accounts information

Budgeting tool

Prepare annual budgets
Setup assumptions and calculations within the business model
Monitor performance by comparing budgets to actuals

Comprehensive scenario manager

Scenario engine to create scenario rules
Apply scenarios and generate alternate forecasts for planning purposes
Compare various scenarios and forecasts to plan for potential outliers

Consolidated views

View balances, opening / closing by regional and entity hierarchy
Clarity of flows by Cash in / out, operating / non operating flows
Calculated and actual balances

Customisable to meet your corporate needs

Set up categories / sub categories of operating, financing and investment cash flow
Set up regional and corporate entity hierarchy in line with current corporate structure

Bank account management

Set up bank account details by entity
Update / upload and save account balances by date