Liability Management

Direct your liabilities in line with assets for ALM

Liability Management

Translate actuals and forecasts into functional currency and automate Cumulative Transaction Adjustments (CTA)

Manage your organization’s liabilities, conform to regulatory requirements and gather valuable insights for strategic decision making

Record an extensive set of liability instruments and manage them completely online thus avoiding bulky error prone spreadsheets

Built in close collaboration with finance managers at NBFCs to ensure that the system is tailored to the needs of the industry

Record and manage a wide range of credit and market liability instruments such as secured & unsecured loans, LAS, Commercial Paper, NCDs, MLDs, ICDs etc.

Manage and model  custom repayment schedules and payout mechanisms

Flexible user interface to intuitively capture complex financial information

Manage mid term prepayments and  complex restructuring at the click of a button

Link and  manage a variety of  assets as collateral for liabilities and manage valuation on periodic basis

Manage a wide range of liabilities

Dashboards, Management & Regulatory Reporting

Intuitive dashboards that give an overview of  important metrics on an organizational level

Customizable dashboards to view financial metrics on a per product level

Generate a wide variety of MIS reports to provide granular information to management

Integrate with your LMS and manage your regulatory reporting at the click of a button

Supports a wide variety of regulatory reporting requirements

Real time alerts to provide financial managers information on upcoming payments on a weekly/monthly level

Automatically maintain an audit trail of system wide data modifications to comply to data management guidelines

Upload and maintain your financial documents like sanction letters, credit ratings, investor lists on an instrument level

Alerts, Audit Trails & Manage Contractual Documents

Secure Cloud based systems, Data & Integration

Avoid cumbersome infrastructure and IT overheads through a secure cloud based system

Role based access to prevent unauthorized access to data

Integrate with your existing LMS systems for seamless data flow

Upload or paste payout schedules from Excel spreadsheets