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Financial Risk Management

Optimise the right structure to manage risks to your bottom line from adverse fluctuations in Forex and Commodity prices

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Hedge Structuring

Extensive derivatives coverage across Vanilla, European options and Exotics

Extensive asset coverage including Forex, Commodities and Currencies

Structure hedges and setup hedging strategy based on board policy

Built-in pricing library for forwards, options, option strategies and exotics

Covering Fx, Commodity and Interest Rate asset classes

Models calibrated with market data and verified against other pricing tools

Independently price derivatives for structuring and planning exercises

Price and value deals residing in system whenever needed

Leverage information to gain favorable position in negotiations with counterparties

Derivative Pricing Engine

Record and Monitor Exposures

Record exposures across projects and singular like software agreements, raw material imports, etc.

Customisable exposure module to define and set up exposure types in line with internal requirements

Dashboard covering board policy limits and under- or over-hedge status by entity on a monthly basis

Link cashflows from hedge actions like exercise, cancellation to desired exposures

Reports capturing desired KPIs such as targeted vs. actual rate by exposure type or project

System-calculated mark-to-market valuations for better hedging decisions

Run scenarios and sensitivity analyses on portfolios and save reports

Maintenance of full audit history for referencing anytime

Monitor MTMs across Portfolio

Counterparty Bid Module

Bidding module for requesting quotes across derivative types

Chat and negotiate rates with on-boaarded counterparties

Historical records of chats and negotiations across counterparties involved in a trade

Analysis on counterparties offering better rates, counterparty margin by derivative types, etc.

Better decisions and lower negotiations resulting in significant cost savings

Customised dashboards for different stakeholders

Detailed and intuitive reports for any selected cut of data

Stay on top of key information like value at risk, mark to market valuations, etc.

Reports & Dashboards