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Financial Data Warehouse and Analytics to Enable Treasury Transformation

Drive maximum results with minimum efforts. Empower your finance & treasury teams to present a comprehensive reporting framework across strategic, operational, audit, risk and regulatory reports. Provide them with the ability to respond quickly to adhoc requests and accelerate growth with fast and secure implementation of Finvisage products and solutions.

Drivers of financial data warehouse
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Strategic Value Creation with Financial Data Warehousing Platform

Finance teams today spend 80% or more time in operational delivery and have little to no bandwidth to focus on value creation.  Finvisage financial data warehousing solutions provide finance teams with aggregated data in a single data lake and enable them to get strategic insights to respond to adhoc reporting requests quickly and efficiently. Finvisage financial data warehousing system helps reduce manual efforts, key-man risks, improves productivity & enable cost savings for your organisation 

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Finance Data Warehouse

Save Time & Money and simplify access to your data with API integrations.

We help you normalise and aggregate all your data into a single data lake to enable secure and easy access and 360 degree view in a single platform. We make it easy to share important data with senior management with our robust reporting capabilities.

Access Major Reports Across Key Areas

Configure and get exhaustive set of reports for your finance and treasury teams to enable faster data driven decision making and provide strategic insights to the top management. Reports include Board & Management Reports, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Credit Risk, Ops Risk Reports, etc.

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API Integration

Illustrative list of major reports below

  • Company level PnL, Key ratios analysis, Desk level analysis
  • Market share, Trend analysis, Market risk
  • Credit risk, Concentration risk, Liquidity risk, Ops risk

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