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Derivative Pricer - Corporations

As a corporation, you protect your firm’s exposures with forwards, options and exotic structures. With Finvisage, structure and plan your positions and go well armed in to your negotiations with banks and other counterparties.

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Our Proposition

Structure your deals before approaching your counterparties

Know the real price of the option structure

Negotiate better with full knowledge of costs

Agree on fair margins with your counterparties and make sure it is being followed

Save 1000s of euro on each deal going forward

Assess your portfolio MTMs to take informed business decisions

Access to CME data for pricing your positions and structures

FX – Forwards, LTFX, Strips, Complex forwards, Call options, Put options, Call spreads, Put spreads, Collar, Seagull, European Knock-in, European Knock-out, extensive coverage of all major Target Accrual Redemption Forward(TARF) structures, Barrier Options, KIKO style barrier options, Binary options. Users have the capability to create combinations and price them according to your structuring needs.

Quick and easy sign up to start using the application

Rates – Swaps, currency swaps, caps, floors, swaptions

Intuitive and simple interface for complex structures and algorithms

Simple upload templates for your trade portfolios to calculate your current MTM positions

End of day CME data to price your positions

Coverage & Features

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