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Derivative Pricer - Banks

Advanced Derivative Pricer for Banks

Empowering your sales teams to be more agile and responsive deal makers. Derivative sales at banks is difficult.
That is why it is imperative that banks give their front line salespeople the right tools they will need to outshine the competition.

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Our Proposition

FX and Rates sales departments at banks typically have 15-25 members constantly seeking business from corporate clients. Sales desk members depend on traders to provide several indicative price quotes before a deal goes live.

Our proposition offers each salesperson an independent pricer from Finvisage, enabling them to quote consistent prices anytime, anywhere.

FX – Forwards, LTFX, Strips, Complex forwards, Call options, Put options, Call spreads, Put spreads, Collar, Seagull, European Knock-in, European Knock-out, extensive coverage of all major Target Accrual Redemption Forward(TARF) structures, Barrier Options, KIKO style barrier options, Binary options. Users have the capability to create combinations and price them according to your structuring needs.

Rates – Swaps, currency swaps, caps, floors, swaptions

Oil – We cover Asian options, Asian swaps, differential swaps

Wide coverage of products