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Cashflow Forecasting
and Budgeting

Predict and plan financial trends efficiently on a centralized platform

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Cashflow Forecasting & Budgeting

Translate actuals and forecasts into functional currency and automate Cumulative Transaction Adjustments (CTA)

Offset accounts receivables and payables among subsidiaries using Intercompany netting

Use rolling forecasts to precisely estimate cashflows across all functional areas

Use stress testing and scenario analysis to monetise uncertainties to a good extent

Unify operational goals with financial performance on the capital plan by enabling smooth communication across departments, mitigating conflict of interest

Create Driver based revenue models for all business units using our automated reports

Identify and monitor each revenue source without any hassle on a consolidated platform

Identify and embark upon Price and Volume combination using demand analysis to maximize profitability

Apply one-time revenue recognition rules and credit term rules to streamline sales ledger

Revenue Planning & Analysis

Expense Management

Use intuitive dashboards to visualize key matrices such as contribution per unit, operating expense ratios across business units etc.

Extrapolate margins and identify non-performing areas using drill-down feature

Create and track intuitive workflows allowing treasurers to know pending and completed processes across the company

Use cost absorption functions to segregate costs across business units, products, services etc.

Classify depreciation methodologies across each asset allowing automated net asset values

Use return on invested capital (ROIC) and growth metrics to identify required capital expenditure

Create maintenance schedules and automate cashflows

Capitalize expenses, if required, with automatic adjustments to expense sheets

Asset & Capital Management

Liability Planning

Analyse automated coverage ratio reports and repayment schedules to optimize liquidity

Identify the optimal capital structure and using scenario analysis

Link assets with liabilities allowing complete transparency

Manage a wide range of liability instruments such as secured & unsecured loans, LAS, Commercial Paper, NCDs, MLDs, ICDs etc.

Manage midterm prepayments and complex restructuring at the click of a button

Product Line Profitability

Budgeting and Assumptions