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Transform decisions on risk and liquidity management in your finance teams with the right data, information and tool at your fingertips

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What We Do?

Finvisage is a cloud-based SaaS system providing an array of Financial Planning and Analysis Tools. Working with domain experts, we have established an efficient system based on centralization and automation concepts. The major giveaway of the system is time efficiency and transparency which subsequently reduces operational costs.

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FInvisage what we do
derivative pricer for banking sales

Derivative pricer for banking sales team


Enable increased business flow for derivative sales teams.

Provide each salesperson with an independent pricing and structuring tool.

Covers extensive instruments across forwards, swaps, options and exotics.
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Derivative pricer for corporations


Structure your deals before approaching your counterparties

Know the real price of the forward, option and exotic structures

Save 1000s of dollars and euros on each deal going forward
derivative pricer for corporations
liquidity management finvisage

Liquidity and liability management solution for corporations and financial institutions


Visualise forecasted daily, weekly, monthly cashflow positions across entity and group companies

Integrate cash flow forecasts, invoice payments and actual transactions across ERP, accounting, third party systems, loan management systems

Manage across a wide range of banking and market based liabilities

Run scenarios to assess impact of market and business situations

What our clients say…

Finvisage TMS systems have transformed the way we model our cash flow and manage our foreign exchange hedging policy. It's not often I can say this, but Finvisage solutions are truly a value for money and adds a gigantic benefit to an organisation.

Barry NightingaleCFO, Wejo Ltd

I would very much recommend that other companies consider utilising this system within their own business and look forward to continuing our relationship working together.

Tom MittenStatutory reporting and treasury manager, Nichols PLC UK

The Finvisage Cash tool has enabled us to run numerous cash scenarios at the click of a button, which has saved lots of time and spreadsheet effort as per our previous methods.

Graham HitchinAssistant Treasury Manager, Wejo Ltd
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